Nano Graphene Liquid Crystals (NGLC) Group

Welcome! Dr. Kaushik Pal

Teaching, Administration & Academic Contribution :

     Laboratory In-Charge for Spectroscopic Instrumentation
  • Clean room air technology high yield synthesis of novel nanomaterials.
  • Hand on expertise of spectroscopic tools and techniques for nanoscale characterizations by Field emission scanning electron microscopy (FE-SEM) fully equipped with EDS spectrometer (detection of chemical compound), chemical mapping and high resolution transmission electron microscopy (HR-TEM)
  • Surface morphology analysis by tapping mode Atomic Force Microscopy (TP-AFM) and thin film analysis of surface current measurement by conducting mode Atomic Force Microscopy (C-AFM)
  • Small angle X-ray diffraction spectroscopy (XRD)
  • X-ray photo-electron spectroscopy (XPS)
  • Optical Spectroscopy: UV-vis-NIR, FTIR, Photo-luminescence, Interferometer (Laser spectroscopy), Micro-Raman
  • Impedance analyzer dielectric spectroscopy, digital oscilloscope & digital source meter with an arbitrary wave function generator
  • Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) and Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA)
  • Electro-optical switching and texture pattern analysis by Polarizing Optical Microscope (POM)
  • Semiconductor Characterization System (SCS-4200)

     Research Innovations

  • Expertise in fabrication of high yield novel nanomaterials, layer materials,2-D nanomaterials through solvo-chemical, hydrothermal, VLS, CVD, Sol-Gel, Magnetron sputtering and Microwave assisted route in a clean room air technology.
  • Nanomaterials, Graphene, Hybrid complex materials dispersing with several liquid crystalline materials (e.g. Nematic, Ferroelectric, Anti-ferroelectric and Hydrogen bonded liquid crystals).
  • Decoration of Nano-wires, Nano-rods, Nano-sphere, Nano-particles, Nano-flakes, Nano-spikes, Nano-cabbage, Nano-flowers, Nano-capsules, Nano-capsules bunch over Nano-rods, Nano-porous rods, core shells nano-structures by simple low cost chemical route.
  • Nanomaterials and Graphene oxide dispersing liquid crystal smart technology and novel applications.
  • Hands on expertise in advance technique on PET sheet,ITO/FTO coated glass substrate selected area etching through photo lithography technique and measurement of dc conductivity.
  • Dielectric anisotropy and Electro-optical switching of textural pattern investigated by POM (Polarizing Optical Microscopy), due to their lateral phase change both nano-materials and liquid crystals and also hybrid complex materials for Opto-electronic and high aspects challenges in bi-stable device.
  • Experienced in laboratory experimentation, sampling and quantitative physical and chemical analysis, including experimental design and fabrication directions in risk path way.
  • Experienced in problem solver within the field of novel industrialized nanomaterials fabrication and modulation in nano-electronics devices,bio-sensor, photonic and display devices, static memory, nanofluidics, molecular dynamics (simulation), high contrast ratio liquid crystals display (LCD) or flat panel display (FPD), transparent and flexible display technology.
  • Excellent technical knowledge with administrative experiences and writing skills of manuscripts, review articles,book and proper submission, else independent projects investigator, organizer of National or International academic conferences,seminars or workshops.
  • Project management skills including preparation of reports, budgeting, trouble shooting and maintaining equipments, presentations and deliverable to several funding agencies.
Lecturing Assistant & Chair positions
  • High resolution transmission electron microscopy and Display sampling (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece) Marie-Curie Experienced Researcher & Fellow
  • Microscopic Instrumental analysis and silicon carbide sample preparation techniques (Course at the end of bachelor, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece) Marie-Curie Postdoctoral Scientist
  • High resolution display device modulation and efficient display sensor (PhD course work, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece) Assistant guest lecturer.
  • Experimental solid state physics (showing experiments during the lecture and replacing the lecturer if he is absent, Wuhan University,China) Senior Postdoctoral Research Scientist & Teaching Assistant.
  • Analytical Chemistry for the fabrication of novel nanomaterials and basic synthesis of liquid crystals and dispersion techniques (School of Molecular Chemistry, Wuhan University,China) Senior Advisory Committee of Scientific Member.
  • Surface Physics analysis through AFM experiment, nanomaterials dispersed LC cell investigation by semiconductor characterization system (School of Physical Sciences, Wuhan University,China) Lab. in charge of Nanotech Lab.
  • Experimental Surface Physics Module1 (Huazoung University of Science and Technology,China) Invited Guest Faculty.
  • Surface stabilized liquid crystals device fabrications, polarizing optical microscopy through switchable device modulation (Practical course, School of Power and Mechanical Engineering, Wuhan University,China) Chief-Scientist & Faculty Fellow & Co-Advisory Committee member.
  • Computational Physics and Molecular Mechanics by Gaussian simulation (Advance course, School of Power and Mechanical Engineering, Wuhan University,China) Developer of Nanoscience Research Platform & Scientific operators & Research Professor.
  • Tunneling microscopy and surface characterization (Advance courses, Spectroscopy & Electron Microscopy Testing Center, Wuhan University,China) Lecturing Assistant & Demonstrator.
  • Wet chemistry fabrication of hybrid complex materials, novel nanomaterials and liquid crystals (Department of Physics, University of Kalyani, India) DST Project Fellow.

   Co-supervision of students in academic degree courses

  •  PhD Scholar: Mr.Bihong Zhan,(Functionalized graphene oxide dispersed hydrogen bonded liquid crystals efficient electro-optical switching­; Ongoing PhD thesis), Influence of ZnO Nanostructures in Liquid Crystal Interfaces for Bi-stable Switching Applications (Completed Masters Thesis) Wuhan University,China.
  •  Master student: Mr.Xingxing Yang, (Switchable, Self-assembled CdS Nanomaterials Embedded in Liquid Crystal Cell for High Performance Static Memory Device;Completed) Wuhan University,China.
  •  Bachelor student: Mr.Yunpeng Shan,(Tailoring growth dynamics of ZnO nano materials embedded in hydrogen bonded benzoic acid liquid crystals electro-optical switching;Completed) Wuhan University,China.
  • Master student: Miss.Florina Regius,(Investigation of CdS nanostructures encapsulated in soft self-assembly thermotropic liquid crystals matrix;Completed), Department of Physics and Nanotechnology, SRM University Kathankulathur,India.
  • Master student: Mr.Christopher Kagenda, (Division of Semi-Conductor and Chemical Engineering, Chonbuk National University, Jeonju, Republic of Korea; Completed).
  • Master student: Mr.Jagpreet Singh, (Sri Guru Granth Sahib World University Fatehgarh Sahib, India; Completed).
  • Postdoctoral Scholar: Dr.Hanna J. Maria, (Inter and International University of Chemical Nanoscience, School of Chemical Sciences, Mahatma Gandhi University, Koyttem, Kerala, India; Completed).