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International Publications :

Peer Reviewed Book's & Chapters Publications : (Authored & Edited Dr. Kaushik Pal)*
  • Nanomaterials and graphene assembled liquid crystals switchable device” By:Kaushik Pal *, Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology,  (Eds H. S. Nalwa). American Scientific Publisher, California, USA. Accepted on 18th October, 2016 (In Press), Published on July, 2017 pp.1-25.
  • Pyrolysis: A Sustainable Way to Generate Energy from Waste” By: Zaira Zaman Chowdhury, Kaushik Pal, Wageeh. A. Yehye, Suresh Sagadevan, Syed Tawab Shah, Abimola Adebasi, Emy Marliana, Rahman Faijur Rafique. INTECH Publication (No. 114450), Rijeka, Croatia, (2017), Pgs 1-34.
  • Hybrid Nanocomposites: Fundamentals, Synthesis, and Applications. Pan-Stanford Publishing, 2019 – Eds. by Kaushik Pal
  • Transparent Conducting FilmsInTech Open Access Publishers, 2019 Eds. Kaushik Pal 
  • Electrochemically Active Carbon Nanotube (CNTs) Membrane Filter for Desalination and Water Purification” By: Z. Z. Chowdhury, Kaushik Pal, Suresh Sagadevan,Rafie Bin Johan, Syed Tawab Shah, Abimola Adebesi, Md. Sakinul Islam, R.F. Rafique. Emerging Technologies for Sustainable Desalination Handbook,Elsevier (2018),Pgs. 333-363.
  • “Nanofabrication and smart nanosensor applications”, Micro-Nano Series, Elsevier 2020, Handbook Eds. Kaushik Pal
  • "Green Nanomaterials: Sustainable Technologies and Applications", Apple Academic Press, 2020 Eds. Kaushik Pal
  • "Engineering nanomaterials in Biomedical aspects: Promises, Limitations and Applications", Apple Academic Press, 2020 Eds. Kaushik Pal
  • "Processing and Characterization of Multicomponent Polymer Systems",Apple Academic Press, 2010 Eds. Jose James, Sabu Thomas, Nandakumar Kalarikkal, Yang Weimin, Kaushik Pal
  • Chapter# 16: "Liquid crystalline polymer-based bio-nanocomposites for spectroscopic applications", Elsevier book,20202. Authored by: Alaa A Aljabali*, Kaushik Pal, Murtaza M. Tambuwala, Kamal Dua.
  • "Handbook of Polymer and Ceramic Nanotechnology" Springer book, 2020 (Eds. Sabu Thomas, Chaudhery Mustansar Hussain) Conducting polymer nanocomposites for Organic Light-Emitting Diodes (OLEDs)" - Authored by: Kaushik Pal, Asiya SI, R. Stephen, S. Thomas
  • "Handbook of Polymer and Ceramic Nanotechnology" Springer book, 2020 (Eds. Sabu Thomas, Chaudhery Mustansar Hussain) Polymer Matrix Based Nanocomposites: Preparation and Properties- Authored by: Ranimol Stephen,Kaushik Pal, Sabu Thomas
  • "Functional materials processing on switchable device modulation", Elsevier Hand Book Publishing 2020. (Ongoing) Eds. Kaushik Pal
  • "Role of Nanomaterials in Renewable Energy Conversion Cells", Bentham-science e-Book Publishing,2020 (Ongoing), Eds. Kaushik Pal
  • "Bionanotechnology: Next-generation Therapeutic Tools", Bentham-Science e-Book Publishing,2020 (Ongoing) Eds. Alaa A Aljabali, Kaushik Pal
  • "Bio-manufactured Nanomaterials: Novel Perspectives and Applications", Springer Publishing,2020 (Ongoing) Eds. Kaushik Pal
  • "Nanotechnology in disease prevention and therapeutic applications", Royal Chemical Society Publishing (Ongoing),2020 Eds. Kaushik Pal ,Tean Zaheer
Peer Reviewed International SC“I Publications of Research Articles (2010-till date):
Conference Proceedings Publications (2011-till date):
  • “Fabrication of aligned ZnO nanowires branch to micro flower transform to nano particle doped liquid crystal: Application of Dielectric, Electro-optical and Bi-stable switching” By: K. Pal, T. P. Majumder and R. Dabrowski, 1st National conference on Micro and Nano Fabrication (mnf – 2013) January, 20th-23rd, 2013.
  • “Excellent strategy for the fabrication of uniform CdS nanowires growth with the assistance of PEG in hydrothermal route and interesting behavior in liquid crystal (Felix- 017/100) material host: Electrical switching application” By: K. Pal, U. N. Maiti, T.P. Majumder and S. C. Debnath, International conference for Advance Material (ICAM), 5-7th January, 2012. pp. 42.
  • “Surfactant assisted controllable growth of CdS nanowires doped ferroelectric liquid crystal optical-dielectric properties: Efficient switching device as dielectric capacitors” By: K. Pal, T. P. Majumder. SYNTHESIS CHARACTERIZATION & SIMULATION in NANOSCIENCE & NANOTECHNOLOGY (NANOSIM). 24th & 25th February - 2012. pp. 41-46.
  • “Different rpm spin speed variation of CdS nanowires doped Felix-017/100 layer with interesting band gap and ultraviolet visible absorption studies” By: K. Pal, U. N. Maiti, T. P. Majumder and S. C. Debnath, Indo-Australlia Workshop on Nanomaterial (IAWNM), 29-31st December, 2011,pp. 52.