Nano Graphene Liquid Crystals (NGLC) Group

Welcome! Dr. Kaushik Pal

Prof (Dr) Kaushik Pal

M.Sc., Ph.D., Marie-Curie PDF (Europe), BK-21 Scientist (South Korea), CAS Fellow (China)

Attention Current News

  • Novel synthesis of Graphene nanomaterials (e.g. nano-flakes/nano-ribbons/nano-sheets) assemble liquid crystals smart applications in electro-optic switchable devices and high contrast display technology,transparent electrodes and flexible super-capacitor.

  • High yield of novel nanomaterials fabrication ZnO, CdS, TiO2, Cu, Si, GaN, transitional metal oxide of several nano-structures formation and dispersing with liquid crystals apply to switchable device

  • Investigation of highly efficient static memory device performance by CdS nanomaterials dispersed liquid crystals (NDLC) ITO cells

  • We are very successful to synthesis CdS super-lattice nanorods structural formation and spectroscopic applications

  • My group always appreciate to highly motivated and outstanding experimental researchers and scientists, R & D leaders, academicians and distinguished Professors further collaboration for exclusive joint publications and sponsorship.

  • I strongly encourage highly productive Masters, PhD or Post-doctoral candidates are expected to publish in peer-reviewed SCI journals in my research group free to work.

    We are currently hiring B.Tech, M.Tech., M.Sc., M.Tech-Integrated-PhD and Postdoctoral scholars in Multidisciplinary Science, only those who belongs to brilliant academic track record, renowned publications and strong research potential may apply and contact me soon!!!

My Biography

Prof. (Dr.) Kaushik Pal belongs to an Indian citizen and born in Kolkata. He is the “Distinguish Research Professor” at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and acting as Chair Professor and Group Leader (Chief-Scientist & Faculty Fellow) position in Wuhan University, Wuchang Dist., Hubei, Republic of China. Before, he worked as a “Visiting Professor” at IIUCN, School of Energy Materials, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, Kerala. He received his Ph.D. in from University of Kalyani in the year of 2013 at multidisciplinary Sciences e.g. Liquid crystals, Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, advanced Materials Science and spectroscopic investigation, opto-electronics and switchable device modulation techniques. Most significant prestigious awards “Marie-Curie Experienced Researcher (Postdoctoral Fellow)” offered by the European Commission in Greece and “Brain Korea (BK-21) National Research Foundation Visiting Scientist Fellowship” in South Korea achieved in his research career. He was appointed “Senior Postdoctoral Fellow” at Wuhan University, China and within a year achieved a prestigious position “Chief-Scientist & Faculty (CAS) Fellow” by Chinese Academy of Science. He also served as “Research Professor (Group Leader & Independent Scientist)”, at Bharath University (BIHER), Research & Development, ChennaiIndeed, his current spans and brilliant discoveries are focusing e.g. Nanofabrication, functional Materials, condensed matter physics (Expt.), CNTs/graphene, liquid crystal, polymeric nanocomposite, switchable device, electron microscopy and spectroscopy, bio-inspired materials, drug delivery, tissue engineering, cell culture and integration, switchable device modulation, flexible and transparent electrodes, supercapacitor, optoelectronics, green chemistry, and biosensor applications. His outstanding research finding and novelty published around 65-articles in several international top-tier journals likewise: IOP Nanotechnology, Royal Chemical Society, Elsevier, Springer, IEEE publications got the highest citation in every year and performed editing 15-book’s chapters and 6-Review Articles. Those outstanding articles are mostly published in top-tier International peer reviewed journals & reputed magazines, e.g. Nanotechnology, J. of Materials Chemistry C, Materials Letters, J. of Display technology, Applied Surface Science, Science of Advance Materials,Organic Electronics, Materials Research Express, J. of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics, Bioresources, RSC Advances, Nanoscale, Applied Materials Today. Throughout his academic experiences, skills and research background deserve him as an editorial board member of significant SCI or SCOPUS - indexed Journals, and International publishers since last year reviewed around 150 articles. Prof. Pal is an expert group leader as well as the associate member of various scientific societies, reorganizations and professional bodies. He was the chairperson of 28-National or International events, Symposium, Conferences, Workshops, Summer Internship organized, and himself contributed around 10-Plenary, 25- Keynote and 30-Invited lectures worldwide. As an expert group leader he belongs to worldwide professional research collaboration and spans engaging him in many R & D Industrial organizations and National/International scientific societies like: IEEE Fellow, Associate member of Royal Society of Chemistry (AMRSC),International Liquid Crystal Society (ILCS) and so on. Also supervised significant numbers of Masters-3, PhD-6 & Postdoctoral 4 scholars are actively working worldwide National & International research Universities and Institution.


  • January,2022 -
  • "Distinguish Research Professor,Laboratório de Biopolímeros e-Sensores,University Federal Rio de Janeiro–Cidade Universitária,Brazil
  • January,2020 - till date
  • "Distinguish Research Professor,Laboratório de Biopolímeros e-Sensores,University Federal Rio de Janeiro–Cidade Universitária,Brazil
  • October,2019 - December,2019
  • "Visiting Professor" at IIUCN,School of Energy Materials, Mahatma Gandhi University,Kottayam,Kerala (India).
  • July,2017 - September,2019
  • Research Professor,Bharat University(BIHER),Chennai,Tamil Nadu,(India).
  • January,2016- May, 2017
  • Chief-Scientist & Faculty Fellow, Chinese Academy of Science Foundation at Wuhan University,PR CHINA.
  • March,2015-December,2015
  • Senior Postdoctoral Scientist,Wuhan University,Hubei,Republic of CHINA.
  • December,2014-February,2015
  • Assistant Professor (Contractual), Jayoti Vidyapeeth Women's University, Jaipur, Rajasthan (INDIA).
  • September,2014-November,2014
  • BK-21 Visiting Scientist, Chonbuk National University (CNU), Jeonju, (SOUTH KOREA).
  • August,2013-August,2014
  • Marie-Curie Experienced Researcher(Postdoctoral),Aristotle University of Thessaloniki,GREECE(European Union Sponsors Fellowship).
  • 1st September,2014
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) award,INDIA.
  • July,2010-June,2013
  • DST Project & Doctoral Fellow in Physics,University of Kalyani,Nadia,West-Bengal,(INDIA).
  • November,2009-December,2010
  • Visiting Guest Faculty, Kanchrapara College (Govt. Sponsor), West-Bengal (INDIA).
  • August,2007- April,2009
  • M.Sc. in pure Physics (specialization:Particle Physics), Utkal University,Vani-vihar, Odisha, Bhubaneswar,(INDIA).
  • July,2003-May,2007
  • B.Sc. in Physics (Honors),University of Calcutta, Kolkata, (INDIA).
  • February,2003
  • Pass out Higher Secondary(XIIth standard), Shyamaprasad Mukherjee Institution, Kolkata, (INDIA).
  • January,2001
  • Pass out Madhyamik (Xth standard), Shyamaprasad Mukherjee Institution,Kolkata,(INDIA).

Activities, Awards, Honors
& Societies

  • Research Professor @ Bharat University
  • Scientist & Faculty Fellow @ Wuhan University, P.R. China
  • Senior Post-doctoral Fellow @ Wuhan University, P.R. China
  • Marie-Curie Experienced Researcher,Postdoc Fellow @ Aristotle University of Thessaloniki,Greece offered by European Union Sponsorship
  • BK21,National Research Foundation (Korean Govt.) post-doctoral fellowship offered @ Chonbuk National University, South Korea
  • DST sponsor doctoral fellowship offered @ University of Kalyani,(India)
  • Doctoral membership @ University of Kalyani, Department of Physics, Nanomaterials & Liquid Crystal synthesis laboratory
  • Lifetime member @ International Community of Advance Materials (ICAM)
  • Lifetime membership @ Institute of Physics (IOP)
  • Member @ International Nano-science Community (Nanopaprika)
  • Member @ International Liquid Crystal Society (ILCS)
  • Lifetime member @ Materials Research Society, (MRS)

Participation in
Outreach Activities

  • “Doctoral” thesis Invigilator and expert leadership invitation from State University.
  • “Doctoral” thesis invigilator and expert leadership invitation from University of Belgium, France.
  • “Masters and Doctoral” thesis invigilator and expert leadership invitation from University Central Florida,USA.
  • “Doctoral” thesis invigilator and expert leadership invitation from Vrije Universiteit Brussel,Belgium.
  • “Masters, PhD” thesis invigilator and expert leader,invitation from IIUCN, Mahatma Gandhi University,Kerala (India).
  • “Doctoral” thesis Invigilator and expert leader,invitation from BIT Satyamangalum, (India).
  • 2015, PhD and Post-doctoral selection committee & joint recruitment stuff member at Wuhan University, Republic of China.
  • 2014,A crowd funding project supported by the European Council Marie-Curie association to raise research awareness for and partially fund our work on Transmission Electron Microscopy imaging.
  • 2014, Chemikerleben: Open house for school classes organized by the Materials Science Department,Aristotle University of Thessaloniki,Greece.
  • 2013, Youngest Researcher speaker on Nanomaterials based on liquid crystals application (PhD thesis defend) at University of Kalyani, India.
  • 2009, Guest speaker during a question and answer tutorial seminar for career fare at Kanchrapara College (Indian Govt. sponsor) in the subject Physical science.